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Is Your Raincoat Making You Fat?

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Is Your Raincoat Making You Fat? By Stewart Lonky, MD Is your raincoat making you fat? Perhaps not as much as a jelly donut or plate of French Fries, but…

Are Cleaning Products Harming Your Lungs?

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While keeping our house clean is important, the materials we use in cleaning may be putting our health at risk. A recent Norwegian study found people who use household products…

Can Sleeping Make You Fat?

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For years now we’ve been told that too little sleep leads to weight gain. In fact, a study presented at last year’s Endocrine Society national meeting suggested that getting just 30 fewer minutes sleep per…

Keep Your Drinking Water Safe

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According to recent research, millions of Americans are exposed to harmful chemicals in their drinking water. This alarming new finding just confirms one thing: toxic substances are everywhere. And while…

Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

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Millions of Americans are exposed to harmful chemicals in their drinking water, according to research published earlier this month in the journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters. The chemicals, commonly…

Get The Best Sleep

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We have heard it before: getting a good night’s sleep is important. Sleep not only allows our body and mind to rest after a long day at work or school,…

Keep These Toxins Away From Your Home

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I will not get tired of repeating this disturbing truth: toxic chemicals are everywhere! Decreasing the accumulation of toxins outside relies on a collective action from the involved agencies and us….

Tooth Fairies Take Notice: Scientists Are Moving in On Your Turf

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The Tooth Fairy had better take out a small loan. The price for baby teeth is about to skyrocket. Indeed, our children’s pearly whites aren’t just for placing under pillows…

High-Priority Toxins According to EWG

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The new chemical safety law has expanded the authority of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in regulating hazardous chemicals in consumer products. However, given the tens of thousands of…

Your Body Wants To Tell You Something

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The increasing amount of toxins around us is alarming. What is more troubling though is when these toxins make their way into our body. The good news is our body…