According to recent research, millions of Americans are exposed to harmful chemicals in their drinking water. This alarming new finding just confirms one thing: toxic substances are everywhere. And while we wait for the government to do something about our polluted water source, it is best that we do our part in our homes as well.

Below are some helpful tips to help keep our drinking water safe.

– Dispose hazardous household wastes. Strong chemicals should not even be in your home in the first place. But if there really is a very important need to use toxic chemicals like weed killers, pesticides, and wood preservatives (although if you can find safer alternatives, that would be great!), be sure that they are disposed properly. Do not dump them down the drain or on the ground.

– Check for leaking fluids from vehicles. Clean up drips with an absorbent. Do not use water to wash spills.

– Filter your water at the tap. And be sure to change the filter regularly.

– Have your water tested regularly by a state-certified environmental testing lab.

– Keep your plumbing updated. If you are still using lead pipes at home, seriously consider changing them as soon as possible. Lead from pipes can contaminate water causing serious health problems.

The above are just some of the many ways you can make sure your drinking water is safe. It may seem a lot of work, but seeing your family enjoy safe drinking water makes all the effort worth it.



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