The increasing amount of toxins around us is alarming. What is more troubling though is when these toxins make their way into our body. The good news is our body is actually built to detect when we ingest chemicals that are bad for us. Our body has a built-in detoxing mechanism that helps eliminate toxic substances. However, sometimes this mechanism gets overwhelmed. So before this happens, we have to learn how to listen to our body and know when it is telling us we’ve had too much.

Here are some warning signs your body sends you when you’ve ingested too much toxins:

Fatigue: We all get tired; that’s a fact. But feeling unusually tired all the time may tell you a different story. This could mean that your body is working overtime in trying to eliminate the toxins accumulating. If after getting a good rest you still feel exhausted, you might want to have yourself checked.

Halitosis: Your oral hygiene may not be to blame for this one; it could be your digestive system. Some connect halitosis to the liver, the main organ that works to eliminate toxins. Be careful when trying to mask your bad breath with chewing gums since some contain an insane amount of toxic substances and artificial sweeteners.

Smell sensitivity: When your system is experiencing toxin overload, it could be manifested through smell sensitivity. Watch out when you get frequent headaches or nausea due to scents. This could be your body’s way of telling you it had enough of toxins.

Skin reactions: When you experience skin problems such as acne, rushes, eczema, puffy eyes, and psoriasis, you could be experiencing toxin overload. Think twice about what you ingest (i.e., processed foods, oily foods) and also what you apply on your skin (i.e., cosmetic products). Be sure you read labels, even better if you read about a specific product before trying it on.

Weight fluctuation: I have talked about the link between toxins and obesity. When you can’t seem to shed the extra pounds (even after changing your diet and going to the gym), your body may be focusing too much on eliminating toxins, making weight loss the least priority. Another culprit could be obesogens which are chemical compounds which predispose some people to weight gain.

Toxins are everywhere, and although we cannot always see them with our own ways, our body has a way of warning us about these chemicals. It’s important to be aware of what our body is telling us. Also, make sure that we put an extra effort in eliminating toxins starting from our homes.





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